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With an experience of 35 years in the market of special fertilizers, we have more than 300 different formulas in our product range. Using a advanced technology in our production we are “creating” formulas for the high-quality agriculture. Our strength is the fact, that we are always trying to involve the newest technologies in our production processes. 

The modern agriculture is changing rapidly. All sectors are obliged to do the best in their fields. Under this aspect our task is to use new technologies more sensibly and doing this to keep the balance between our increasing volume of business and our responsability for the environment.

Proving with best results in different geographic regions, climate zones and on different types of soils, our special fertilizers made Swissgrow an international brand. As a dynamic company, Swissgrow is able to present solutions for any kind of problems in plant nutrition. 

Moreover an experienced technical staff make sure that our products are used correctly and effectively to grant best quality and yielt ratio in agricultural production.

The newly established factory, on a surface of 15.000 sqm, with 5.000 sqm production facility and 600 sqm offices is located in Antalya-Turkey, which is, with 50.000 ha of greenhouses one of the largest horticultural growing area in the Middle East. Logistically ideal for export to the whole Mediterranean, Middle East and North African market with easy links to Latin America and Far East destinations.

We consider it as our mission to produce fertilisers with “special recepies” for an optimal balanced and economically sustainable plant fully compatible with a safe environment. as Swissgrow we believe; exactly like yesterday, today and tomorrow: